I decided in what might not be my infinite wisdom, to teach H about some things. Nothing too taxing, just you know, general stuff; things that pop into my head that I think she needs to know.

I asked her where she thought old food came out when it’s eaten. Her answer? “You spit it out”

So I told her that actually, her old food is her poo.

She looked at me like I was ridiculous. “SILLY MUMMYYYY!!!!!” she laughed at me.

I guess it must be quite a revelation – I can only hope that she doesn’t tell all her friends at nursery next… that reminds me of the boy in my class when we were nine telling us ‘cool kids’ (yes, I was one once) about how babies were made. We were all quite shocked when he told us. I believe schools break the news much younger these days (I seem to remember being twelve when we had our class about it all – I’d already been having periods for three years by then).

I am still thinking about homeschooling, though if H doesn’t believe what I tell her we may be around for some time…