Over a week. Cripes! But there’s a reason – we had our first ever family holiday – just the three of us in a caravan (which was more like a chalet on wheels) at Devon Cliffs near Exmouth, our own private beach (so why when it’s empty does the next family sit so close to us?!) and free Wifi in the big pub and the smaller bar near the beach (I got twitchy, no internet… but limited on my phone) – plus tons for H to do.

Prior to that, H had her eyes tested. I’ll write about it in more depth over at the Adequate Parent but basically, she needs glasses. We’re going shopping for some this afternoon – she’s looking forward to it. I’m dreading them breaking at nursery or something…. it’s not major, but there’s enough of a problem she needs them.

This meant we left later on the Friday, and got to Exmouth for 6pm, got to our chalet place (“little house” said H) and headed to the complex – where there was a Papa John’s which delivers to the chalets! So a quick (ha) play on the Soft Play area, and we headed back to get ready for a busy few days… and that we had. The theme seemed to be trains which suited us all fine. We had rain, but plenty of sun and got to see lots of things.

The biggest eye opener was finding out you can buy holiday homes down there for £10k. We don’t own any property, and we’re quite tempted… it’d guarantee us holidays for the forseeable future too… but it needs more thought for now.

H had a fantastic time. There was so much there geared towards her needs – and it wasn’t all sponsored and in your face – just things she wanted to do. She loved the beach, even if she ran back to me almost in tears after her first paddle “MUMMY I DON’T LIKE IT” sort of stuff. She was generally well behaved (only a handful of tantrums) and only a handful of night terrors… (one at Rachel and Joe’s place).

So now we’re home.