since I last updated. Well, I’ve trained myself to sleep on my left side now, although I sometimes get earache (maybe I need softer pillows). Tomorrow is the midwife appointment, which we’ll both be attending (of course), then in two weeks we’ve the nuchal scan, where we get to see proper little bean (hereby known as “Little Dude”, also known as BGH as previously stated, although this week I think it’s a girl). God time really stands still…. I want these two weeks to go by quickly, oh I do.

Minor sickness but nothing some salty crisps wont fix. Weight-wise I’m about the same as I was when I came back from Australia, jeans-wise I can’t fit into any of them any more (woe).

Today I’m making myself leave the house and go out, as every weekend we’ve done exactly the opposite. Shaun doesn’t like going out somewhere just to go in shops, but I do! Besides, Poundland might do some salty rice cakes for my last few weeks (I HOPE) of sick.