Life, work, everything – it’s been manic. We’ve not stopped. Even on Thursday when nothing was planned we were busy, though I spent a lot of the evening too tired to think and just telling Shaun what to write on the computer for me.

We had a fabulous party this afternoon – one of the younger girls from nursery invited us, it was soft play and it was great – with very little fuss and plenty of fun. I got particular enjoyment at the end from watching H eat a chocolate cookie, then be handed some birthday cake (chocolate) and join in the hoard of screaming toddlers running up and down the room, having had too much sugar. I did wonder whether it’d make an interesting experiment doing that in a padded room – and loved how they all ran up and down constantly, screaming like there was no end to the madness. (there probably wasn’t)

We’ve finally taught H how to kiss on the cheek properly! For as long as I can remember (which is a lot less than you’d think) she’s air kissed, shouting a big “MWAH!!” as she did it, but not any longer – now it’s a proper slobbery splodge on the cheek. Ooh it’s lovely.

Next week we have another party, though with a lot less toddlers so it’ll be nice and calm – and the day before, an NCT gathering. We seem to have crazy sociable lives at the moment – Shaun’s even taking H to Dramabuds at the moment as I’m doing a Pilates class at the same time so can’t do it -though this will change in February once he has to start studying again.

Anyway, my favourite thing she’s doing at the moment which I request every night, is when she puts her towel after the bath, over her head, and becomes ‘little ghost’. She’ll then put on her voice she uses for her toys and just says “woo! woo! Hellooo I’m a little ghost!” a lot. It’s very cute.