Hm, so we took H shopping to Asda (who have their Mother & Baby promotion going on right now), and put her in one of those manky plastic trollies for babies. It was pretty grim, poor thing – we wrapped her up in her blanket so she was better protected, and saw no other babies there, so wondered what we’d done wrong. Still, she took in the aisles well, kept kicking her leg out of the blanket and randomly jerking her hands in a bit of a hip hop style, (I have no other way of describing it), and didn’t scream at any point. Thank god. I think shopping may be something she’ll grow to love – though she wouldn’t put her arm into the strap of the car seat when we got back. I’d put it in there, she’d immediately take it out.

Surely she’s not supposed to do things like that for a year or so?!

Tomorrow is my first day alone with her. I’m kind of dreading it (though at least the colic screams are evening things, rather than daytime ones). Means I get the nightshift, in preparation for next week when I have her on my own for five whole days. This parenting lark is pretty hard work, you know.