I’m typing one handed, as I’ve a small baby asleep, propped up by my right arm. She slept until 7am this morning! No wakeups in the night… and even better, we both slept too – not waking up when you think she’s going to. I feel great, apart from the cold I’m now starting to get…

Yesterday wasn’t the most exciting of days, I had to force myself to go out, although it was such a lovely sunny day (an odd thing for mid-November, I always think of November as winter, not Autumn), I had visions of sitting on a bench in the park with a takeaway coffee, with H fast asleep in her buggy, getting fresh air. Which kind of happened, except that a family decided to feed the ducks and swans by the lake, smoking around us, being noisy, and then walking off leaving us surrounded by the birds. So much for that… Oh, and there was no coffee, too.

Still, we got five minutes of peace.

Today the sky is blue and cloudless, which looks perfect for another nice walk… probably to the same park, to the same bench, for hopefully a bit more peace…. after which, little miss will be having her second set of immunisations… and I’ll probably cry (for a couple of minutes) when she screams in pain (for around 5 seconds).

I want visitors!!!! (please)