She’s walked for Shaun – around ten steps. For me? Just the one or two a few weeks ago – she’s not interested in walking when I’m around. It’s weird! However, Shaun has her on video walking, so I know she did it.

We’ve just hit the golden hour of tantrums – possibly also not helped as she was sick on Wednesday night, so we had to put her on a plain food diet to make sure she got better – so I think last night was possibly a mixture of tiredness and hunger. Oh, and kicking off as we had chips and she didn’t – we gave her a couple but it was too late and past the point of no return.

We’ve managed the “laugh at the tv” while she’s slamming her body around technique, we’ve managed the “calm down” in a firm voice technique, I’ve managed the “I can’t cope” bursting into tears non-technique, and it’s all so random. Today I did the “have a tantrum too” technique, which stopped her, and she got her maracca and handed it to me, looking a bit puzzled. I did almost throw it on the floor and do more fake tantrums, but decided I’d got my point across, and she was quite cheerful by then.

We’ve also hit the “I’m not going to sleep” phase, most nights where she used to be asleep by 8, it’s now more like 8.30-9ish – yet before our evening meal she’s getting tired. The minute you put her in her cot that’s it – it’s like a switch has been flicked and she’s woken up, and will play all the games you’ve tried to play with her through the day (but she’s ignored, as she’s in that phase too), jumping up and down “Bah!” “nu-nu” (miffy) and more.