1. H’s first sleepover – check. Huge success
2. BritMums – check. Wobbly but brilliant. Nervy.
3. H’s dentist appointment for her tooth – check. Terrified. She sailed through and is fine, I’m still shaking.
4. H’s first Stage 2 swimming lesson – check. Terrified, a complete wreck and missing my swimming mum buddies but proud of my little girl who did it without any fear. She’s going to be swimming better than me by the end of the year. Gulp.
5. H’s school – first appointment. Tomorrow. Nervous. We know of three other parents there and H is in a class with all her friends. Still nervous though.
6. H’s Dance recital – next week. Last time I watched her I cried. Nervous. For me. Don’t want to cry in front of everyone. Probably will.
7. H’s school appointment – second one. Next week. Nervous, of course.
8. Visiting my new nephew. Not at all nervous, just a little frustrated we can’t get up there sooner.
9. H’s party. Booked. Now to subtly invite parents and hope nobody does that ‘have you been invited to (insert name here)’s party?’ conversation and feel bad. We have 30 children and 24 places and starting school means it’s going to get even WORSE.
10. Arrange a trip away for H and her best friend somewhere before they start school. Possibly Butlins Minehead right now…

Why does this all happen at once?