Saturday, I was dreading it. H has had some awful awful seperation anxiety. She’s hated not being able to see me, screams places down if I put any small distance between us, will hold onto my legs for dear life, etc etc etc. We went to Lucy and Arron’s, and I was worried – it was the first time all five of us NCT parents were in the same room again, and so far H had kicked off every time we’d met up.

It ends up I didn’t need to worry that much at all – while she wasn’t happy and sobbed for a bit at the start, she was soon distracted by wooden fruit, and after an hour was happily handing it out to everyone and anyone she could. Oh lord, the relief. I was trying so hard to not seem tense, but I know I was. She was brilliant, she really was – I was so proud of her. My little girl started behaving normally again.

I know we’ll have ups and downs, and this may just be a temporary blip, but I’m hoping it’s is the end of this… now to get her talking in front of everyone, as she clams up and refuses to speak.

She has started talking more at nursery though – so hopefully she’ll be better with it all soon. I’m just relieved Saturday is over and as far as I’m concerned, was a great success!