On Tuesday I got in from work with H, and we opened the windows getting some air around the house.

H went outside to play on her scooter and I set about making tea.

She came in with the cheekiest of faces, something in her mouth. “Mummy guess what I’ve got!” she tricked me, or at least thought she did, as she spat out a Moshi Monster Luvli character she’d PUT IN HER MOUTH.

So I freaked out a little. I had (and still have) visions of her on her scooter falling off and swallowing the damn Moshi Monster by mistake, choking on it as they’re NOT MEANT TO BE EATEN.

Maybe just writing it will make me feel less neurotic about it all. But something COULD have happened. It didn’t happen, thank god, but it could have.

She’s never been the kind of child to put something in her mouth like a toy, either. Ever. I have no idea where this came from which is why I’m so shocked. Maybe she’s copying someone or maybe she really did want to put a Moshi Monster in her mouth.

Nothing happened, but I keep playing over and over in my head what could have happened and right now it haunts me. I was preparing myself to let go with H a little, let her explore and learn and me be less panicky, let her live a little, then this.

She’s had it taken off her, explained to her why, and has been told good behaviour means she’ll get it back.

But I’ll still be scared. Jeez, I thought these things were meant to get better?