H unlocked our back door today. Granted, it’s just a turn of a key, but up until today it was something she’d never done. She wanted to go outside, which was absolutely fine – she just wanted to do it sooner than I could.

I had to point out that we needed to get ready for swimming so it wasn’t possible, and on checking she’d done it. Oh lordy, what’s next?

It had never occurred to me that she’d want to turn the key to get out, and would suss it at just over two and a half – I thought it was the kind of thing a six year old might do.


We had a lazy day today, just our swimming class in the morning (she’s doing so well – kicking across the pool with just a float now, and no support from me), a good long nap and some tv and books and outdoor play this afternoon. Next week will be our first ever four day week at work or nursery, and I’m really not looking forward to it.

Anyway, I’ve written up my Dear H. If anyone happens to read it, this picture answers something I was wondering about, should I decide to actually post it.