This afternoon we got to look through H’s learning journey – a folder full of every little note about things she’s done at school, as well as a book for doing writing and a book for her drawing (and a quick chat to the teacher too).

It was pretty cool, the kind of stuff you love seeing as a parent, but don’t want to share with everyone.

Then we found a story she’d written. I’ll use initials, though the original story has their proper names.

“One day there was a Super Hero called J he was trying to take over the world. Then Super S came and took him away. She took him to the smelly dump there was lots of rubbish.”

This is quite possibly one of the funniest stories I’ve read – basically, H went to nursery with J and S. J and S are still in nursery as H just squeezed into the last school year. H and J have been married off since birth. Since H left nursery, S did too and goes to a different one but meets J for playdates. S now loves J, but J still loves H, but isn’t sure if H loves M (a boy in her class).

It’s all so complicated.

I find it really quite hilarious that S and J are both superheroes who have gone to the dump. Where on earth did that come from? It’s like she’s given them her blessing or something.

She’s FOUR.