I stepped out of my comfort zone last night and went to help a local(ish) Brownie group who were having a knitting night. Now, I’ve not been a Brownie since around 1981, and I couldn’t help but stare – firstly, the uniforms are so different these days.

Jo Brownie

(that’ll be me in 1978 or 1979 there)

Secondly, they don’t wear bobble hats any more. There’s still praying and being nice and learning, and even though I spent about 30-40 minutes being lost and not finding the venue, I enjoyed it. I’m now trying to work out if there’s time in my busy life to help out a Brownie pack locally… I still remembered the songs, and did my sign. Taps was a bit different, but then maybe it’s the same and it’s just over thirty years of forgetting how it was. Most of all the girls all had fun and were excellent at hand knitting (and I learned how to do it!). The lady in charge is amazing too, so it was nice to meet a fellow knitter.

So yes, had I made it on time it’d have been a brilliant night I’m sure. As I was late I bet it was a brilliant night for the girls, and one I could get the hang of for me. (But I have to wait until H is five before she can join Rainbows)