There’s talk of us losing our Thameslink Services, or at least, them not running up to Luton or St. Albans any more – though this isn’t until 2018 or some time ahead of us like that. Tom Brake our local MP was stood outside Carshalton Station this morning dishing out leaflets for us to sign and post back.

I did that, then had a think. I filled out my name and address and all that, but actually, should I have put it in an envelope? I’m really not thinking properly at the moment.

Anyway, I’ve signed, I support it. I might not go to gigs at the moment, but a train service which runs late at night locally is a good thing, especially if it connects us to the rest of London (and don’t get me wrong, a half hourly service to Victoria is very nice) – as well as a service that runs all the way to St Pancras International, should we ever go on the Eurostar ever again (I swear, a weekend break in Lille is next years holiday, we love Lille) is so important for around here. To change at Blackfriars just seems a bit pointless.

Obviously, these aren’t life threatening problems or anything (unlike us losing our local A&E and Maternity Unit at St. Helier which is a huge issue), just a mild inconvenience, and who’s to say where we’ll be living.

It’s got my support, anyway.