I had my first swim at the pool we live next door to. We’ve lived here three years now and they’ve finally introduced a swim-only membership for £30 that can be used at all times of day – their previous one only went up to 4pm which was no use for me.

If I can go twice a week I’ll be happy. I can take H at weekends for free and Shaun for £5 – and if the pool is quiet we have it all to ourselves.

Anyway, I swam 30 lengths in about 25 minutes and was home an hour later.

The most important thing for me is getting some quiet time. I always used to put the world to rights when I swam. Bad morning? Swim. Nasty emails? Swim. People being annoying? Swim. Someone swimming in ‘your’ lane. Too bad. Especially if they Don’t Do Clockwise. Even worse when a third person joins in. Pshaw.

I finished off with five minutes in the steam room, oh how I’ve missed sitting in a steam room. I’m ready for bed now. I can’t wait to take H swimming though, she’s going to love it.