H can now pedal her bicycle. We’re super proud of that one – we’ve been working on it for a couple of weeks now and it’s finally clicked which is great – she’s really proud of herself too – although she’ll still pedal a bit on her own and then get frustrated – but it’s getting there. I have film. I might share it, but it’s me gushing as only a parent can.

Also – I’ve come to a decision. At some point this blog has to end, as with all things H will get old enough that she’ll be at school with people who may well read this. It’s one of those choices I made to name and picture her on here, and so far it hasn’t been an issue. BUT. I’ve decided that once she hits three and a half (which is next February, so we’re into the last year of this now) this blog stops.

It doesn’t mean that things we like wont be blogged about elsewhere. I started a new blog about random non-H things over here, which is where I suspect things will continue. The whole point of this blog was to log the things she did – and I think (though I’m not sure) that my first memories came when I was around three and a half – so it’s a good time to stop.

But that’s not for a while yet, I’m just kind of glad I’ve worked out this can have a natural end to it.