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the only way you can possibly function on very little sleep is to work 24 hours at any time, but with flexi time – so your little one keeps you awake a few times in the night? No worries! Have a lie in and make sure your child does too. When you’ve all had a rest then you can head to work, dropping her off at nursery on the way.

If you end up working slightly later, it doesn’t matter! You’ll get more work done and in turn you’ll never be late to pick up your child as nursery never closes.

Obviously, the logistics of having someone available to care for a child 24 hours somewhere needs a bit of thought as they’d have to have some kind of routine, so maybe it should only apply to parents.

The other downside of this is that places like Caffe Nero may go out of business as you’ll no longer need a caffeine fix in the morning to stay awake.

That and almost everything would have to be 24 hours to fit in, but then we’d all have to have some kind of tracking device with us to let whoever needs to know when we’re actually turning up for work, although everyone would need one. This also applies to people with hangovers who don’t have children too.

It’s got legs, but it also has no logistics. I’m sure it *could* work somehow.