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okay, so I spent all of five minutes reading the BBC this afternoon. This bad weather is due to a line which normally squiggles across the top of the UK, and keeps all the cold air away so we have lots of sun and fine weather (translates : at least four washloads)

Instead, the squiggle has gone south. So we’re getting the cold weather that we wouldn’t normally have, and the squiggle isn’t budging. (translates : clothes indoors and stinky)

I checked the weather forecast, and yep, rain, rain and more rain.

I am now trying to think of ways to get all our washing done and dried to keep on top of things. Fortunately we’ve our Lakeland airer, but even that’s getting a bit overloaded – and here’s the irony – it’s too hot to heat it up.

I think I need some perfume for clothes, unisex and non itchy. Does such a thing even exist?

We saw the coolest rainbow ever on the way home from work tonight. It was so wide, and almost like there were four together. I was driving, so no photos. Boo.