Earlier today we were heading out to the shops. I needed my key to lock up, but could I find it – could I heck.

I knew I normally left them in my pockets, but they weren’t in there – so I looked around the kitchen in all the obvious places to see where I might have placed it, while thinking of clothes I wear, and other such things to try and remember what on earth I’d done with them.

I then moved on to thinking maybe Shaun had accidentally taken them with him to his exam (so I couldn’t phone him to check if he had) so I’d be trapped indoors all day until it was too late – which made me a bit more anxious, as you don’t want to lose your house keys really.

This continued for a couple more minutes. I was stumped – they were nowhere. I stood, really tried to think where on earth I’d put them last night when I got in, and then felt a lump… in my pockets… of my jeans. Yep, they were there all the time. I think this is a mixture of sleep deprivation and doing too much. Fortunately for me (and the rest of the world) I’ve taken Thursday and Friday off work to sort my life out. Phew.