I’m hungry. I’m in week two of WeightWatchers and I’m eating better portion sizes, but I’m hungry.

I’ve tried to feed the hunger by having four digestives (WW ones) using my ‘overdraft’ which were yummy, but I’m still hungry. The next step will be an apple at zero points, I think.

I’m finding I get really hungry at work too. The last couple of days I’ve switched to having soup at lunchtime which fills me up though I get hungry quickly again – and no amount of bananas are filling me up. Which probably answers a lot more about how I ate before I started my WW journey. Having said that, work has been quite busy which has helped pass the time quickly – when I’m busy it flies by and when it’s slow I snack.

I received a Graze box last week. Now either I’m losing the plot or I really did update my card details (I don’t remember doing this – my card changed and I’d purposely held back my weekly order I thought, until I knew what I was doing with WW food wise) but for some reason last week my card charged with my new details. Maybe Nationwide changed them automatically or something, I don’t know. Or maybe I was drunk and I did it myself, I don’t remember. I don’t remember being drunk either though, to be fair. One Graze snack was four precious points – the equivalent of two slices of toast. Whereas another one (dried apple with a toffee sauce) was only two.

In fact, beans are points. My precious edamame costs me to eat! Edamame is a vegetable, dammit.

So yes, I’m hungry. I’m eating better, but I’m hungry. I fear what my food of two weeks would have worked out at portion and calorie size too.

Other than that, it’s going well!

(please don’t think I’m complaining, I just need to work out the best foods to eat. Sushi may be in order on Thursday…)