I like Blogfest – in fact I’ll go as far to say it’s my favourite blogging conference of the year. This year it’s my only one – and yet again I’m going.

What do I get from it? I come away inspired. While I’d love to say I have a million ideas in my head that are transferred onto the blog, that never happens. It’s a bit like payday at work, when you get a bonus. You have several days on a high where you make those changes (or spend money) before things go back to normal again.

The line up looks great as usual, and while there’s an awards ceremony (which I’ll probably skip, I don’t do awards ceremonies) I’m hoping there’ll be plenty of inspiring groups to go to.

Also, Blogfest has The Best Food. Plus it’s in The Guardian’s building. If you hang out with the smokers (I don’t smoke) then you get to see speakers coming and going at the entrance too.

I am not going to get nervous and say “that’s you that is” to David Baddiel. Also, must not mention The Wedding Present to Stella Creasy unless we happen to be talking about music. Which might be on one of the smokers hangouts.

It’s also a great place to meet up with blogger friends. I don’t have a lot of friends, but the ones I do have are excellent. So it will be great to catch up with them again.

This year I have persuaded Naomi to come along, who I work with. She’s over at Moody Kids and More and she isn’t scared to say what she thinks. Sonya will be with us too, our third year now! I’m looking forward to catching up with fellow Miffy-a-holic Jenny too and as ever there’ll probably be a mini Carshalton group travelling up together. It’s all good.

The sponsors all look interesting this year, especially the chocolate one – please can people keep me away from there, if only so I don’t complain about the change of chocolate on Creme Eggs. Please?

I’ve been reading about Big Milk too, good to see a company where the farmers are getting decent money back, as I’m never 100% sure. I think we’ll be switching to them.

Anyway, it’s only a month or so away – and I can’t wait!! Oh and this year I might wear a dress.