I’m having an email conversation with a coworker. Well, I say conversation, I email about my experience of childcare and get a response the following morning. It’s kind of nice as I look forward to my one or two sentence emails when I get in to work.

We’ve been talking about illness lately. He’s mentioned how he doesn’t want his daughter to get ill and how it would break his heart to see her get sick. I disagreed, and couldn’t think of a time when it broke my heart. It might sound harsh, but I felt relieved – she was building immunity to the various things around which is a good thing.┬áIt doesn’t mean she doesn’t catch colds, but the big ones – chicken pox, slapped cheek, roseola have all been and gone.

Actually, truth be told I wouldn’t wish any of those on anyone, but having to work from home with a child who just wants cuddles is rather nice too. Even better when the child wants to sleep on the settee and does just that while you get on with work.

On Monday morning around 3am H woke with a sore ear, calling for me. I stayed with her in her bed (we eventually swapped with Shaun so he could get some sleep) and I took her to the doctors on Monday. An ear infection, poor thing. She’s on antibiotics now. Add a verruca (I’ve never had one of those so had no idea they take months to go, I thought it’d be a week or something), headlice at school (so far, all clear for H), and a stinker of a cold too and my poor baby is tired, wants cuddles, gets cross, gets angry, cries, cuddles, and is all over the place really – understandably. Tonight she was screaming, hitting and kicking me with all the emotions happening at once.

Her earache lasted until morning and is better now. She was back at school on Tuesday after Shaun decided she was okay, and he was right. We skipped swimming lessons today as she has a cough (and she’s currently tucked up in bed with menthol on her feet and tummy, vaseline around her chapped mouth, freshly applied Bazuka for her foot and another dose of antibiotics) and I’m hoping she’s already asleep.

All I want to do is go upstairs and cuddle her to sleep, I feel like that’s my mum job in all this. In fact she probably is asleep. She’s one of those incredible children who coughs in her sleep. I swear, I envy my child having that ability. I don’t wish any illness on her, I just wish her a restful nights sleep and that she’ll be better by the morning.

I’d quite like a good night’s sleep too if there’s any other wishes to be had out there. I don’t do that so well these days.