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So of course, by writing about being ill meant we had a horrible night again last night.

Around 4.30am H was coughing non-stop. We’d covered her feet in Kiddybalm with socks over the top to stop that exact problem, and before I’d checked the time I called to her to come into our bed. Then checked the time as she delicately plonked herself between us then tried to fall asleep in a star shape.

I knew I wouldn’t sleep if my baby was coughing all night. Which kind of contradicts what I said yesterday about not being too worried about her being ill. Like I said before, Shaun and H have the amazing ability to sleep. I don’t. If I hear noise I don’t sleep I worry instead.

So H stayed in our bed from 4.30 until 6.30 when the alarm went off. Coughing and snoring.

The joyous moment when Shaun realised she could have some Covonia Dry Cough mixture (non-drowsy) as it was suitable for anyone over 1 year was the moment she stopped coughing long enough to fall asleep, balanced on my shoulder while I tried to find a position I could try and sleep too, while having a third pillow wedged into my face so she could be kept fairly upright.

It wasn’t the best night’s sleep ever.

Tonight we have more menthol on the feet with socks, more on her tummy and a warm bedroom with the door open so she can get the warmth from the rest of the house (oh yeah, no central heating in our bedrooms, baby).

The addition of no seats on the train into work this morning did not lighten my mood.