What was once a northern tone of me is now a croak, a whisper, nothing. My voice has left me.

My throat feels twice as big, swallowing is annoying. So instead I’m sipping herbal tea and eating soft food in the hope things will suddenly spring back into action and work again after a bit of rest.

H was concerned. She came up to me and cuddled me and offered to help me find my voice, just in case I’d dropped it. I wish I had the voice to explain it was okay, but thankfully Shaun was around. She was still worried – only slightly though. She’s still getting her head around the fact that if she covers her eyes I really can still see her, that she hasn’t disappeared, let alone that something might stop you from talking.

Anyway, if you do happen to come across my voice, please can you package it up nicely and post it back? I really need it. I like talking. I don’t like not being able to.