Here’s a funny one. Not funny ha-ha. In the day job, I work in music. From time to time I’ll post things or talk about the music, as that’s what normal people do if they have something to talk about, right?

But it’s really odd. Everyone has an opinion – but usually only pipe up when it’s negative.

We’ve been at parties, and someone will say “oh I think this track is utter crap!” like I’m supposed to care… or even just on Facebook, where similar lines of conversation have started. It’s a conversation-killer and it works every time. I’m not about to try and convince someone otherwise – and maybe they’re just trying to shut me up anyway.

The weird thing is, I wouldn’t say I was a big fan. I’m enjoying working on this tidal wave of fun, where it’s really really busy and you go slightly mad by it all but in a good way. It’s exhausting though, and often I’ll be coming home and going straight online to check things, and waking up in the night dreaming my phone is ringing to do with this. It’s stressful. I can appreciate it, as I’m a very small part of it – not in the creative way (I’m not a creative person), but as part of the cogs in the system.

See, I don’t expect people to like our things, but it’s weird how the ones who don’t like it are the ones to speak out. My mum did it too.

Which brings me back to how I bring up H, and how I’d hope she’d react if there was something she didn’t like that her friends have. I would hope she wouldn’t tell her friends that the thing is rubbish, even if she didn’t like it. Maybe just an “it’s not for me” type thing (a bit like I do when I’m in a room full of people swapping cat anecdotes – I can’t join in, I’m a dog person and they make me sneeze too) – but I’d never turn around and say something was crap – that’s just rude, isn’t it?

But they’re just doing what other people do. It’s rare we gush about something we like, isn’t it? I mean, I’m the same – I’ll happily post on Facebook about how rubbish the free NME is each week. So from now on I’m going to keep things positive (apart from anything about Southern Trains, you have to draw the line somewhere, and I always try to jolly that up a bit by writing bad poetry).

I’m going to take it on. If you can’t say something nice, then don’t say anything at all. Let’s see how we get on. Although there will be times we’re listening to music at work and don’t like it – and that’s okay too. Let’s just be nice about it? Let’s not just say “that was crap” – let’s say “well I don’t think we’ll be playing that again” instead.

(and this whole scenario gives me nineties flashbacks to my previous job and the record label employees who were releasing Peter Andre records, and how defensive they’d get because he was signed to them (and the abuse they’d get because he was Peter Andre and the near punch-ups they’d have in bars when the aforementioned abuse would happen). You do have that connection – you might never play the record; they get played to death in the office; but you’re still a part of it)