… at least you gave it a go. Right?

This afternoon H was invited to join the yellow hat class at swimming to see if she could cope with the big pool, a colder temperature and deeper water.

She didn’t. She was hanging on to the side, it was a bit of a shock, even though she’d been in there before.

But she really tried. Really really tried. She did some front crawl underwater but I think she was bothered by the difference between the two pools.

I was so proud of her. I knew she wasn’t ready. She could see me as she swam (and said it helped), but she needs a bit more time in the Orange Hat group. I reckon in 2-3 months she’ll be on track and ready, plus we’ll practice in the pool near us which is deeper but warmer. We’re in no rush.

The lady shook her head and said H was hopping down the pool.

Aaah, just like I did (except I was seven or eight, not four) when my teacher tried to get me to do my 50 metres. I’d done my 25 easily but was getting tired. I figured if I hopped but kept one leg going my teacher would never notice. She did.

H isn’t disappointed either, she’s quite philosophical, in that kind of “well, I tried. I don’t want to move there yet, I don’t feel ready. Maybe in a month or two? Can we practice at your pool please?”. Couldn’t have put it better myself…

She’s four and three quarters. An awfully wise four and three quarters, it would seem. Better get those last few free swims in before she turns five….