I’d do it.

“Do what?” you may well ask. Well. Myleene Klass has posted an email on Instagram (changing the names) in which¬†some parents¬†at her daughter’s school asked if rather than presents, that the money that would be spent on something¬†could be pooled together¬†to get the child a bigger present from the class. I get this. I do. I’ve also seen the follow-up article on the Huffington Post where the parents who sent the emails weren’t best pleased. I wouldn’t be either. Myleene wanted to discuss it in private, according to the article.

Well hello! You posted their email on Instagram!! That’s not very private is it?

Anyway. We have no family close by. I ask for money for Christmas and Birthdays for the three of us, as mainly it’s easier to arrange to buy things and get delivery when we’re at home – plus we can put the money together and put it towards¬†bigger things.


That isn’t the issue here – it’s asking other parents. I wouldn’t have a problem¬†doing this – being practical, H has a lot of toys, and if there was one big thing she wanted which we couldn’t afford, I’d put a note in the invite letting the parents know it was completely optional – just like these parents did. ¬†What’s wrong with that? The parents don’t have to join in. Nobody should feel excluded if they don’t. H has had money and vouchers as presents from nursery and school friends in the past at her parties and it has been brilliant to spend them on something she’s chosen; and probably easier for the parents too!

I realise Myleene’s response¬†was a pisstake of the original email, but still – posting it all up on social media does make me wonder if she needs some publicity right now. It’s worked, Myleene, you got it.

I’d never post up something taking the mick out of one of the mums from school. Not only does it feel rude, how could I face them afterwards? The chances of them seeing it on my Instagram being very slim due to my 500 or so followers, but still. I wouldn’t.

One final word. I seem to remember when Shaun and I got married, as we’d been living together for a couple of years already, we didn’t really want or need anything, but people wanted to buy us presents or see our gift registry list. We had nothing like that – and just asked for vouchers wherever possible, which was brilliant. Is that bad too?