I’ll write up Cybher later, but had to write about H’s lovely day with Shaun. At the end she told him it was her “best day ever” or words to that effect and I felt all happy. I got regular MMS updates through the day from various places they’d gone to as well.

So in the morning they had a lazy time, before heading out to the cinema (Brixton Ritzy no less!) and watching ‘My Neighbour Totoro’ (which she loved) before heading home via the park, doing some scooting around, playing tag and hide and seek (already I feel woefully inadequate as a parent as we never play like that, sob!), heading home via the shops for pizza so they could have a movie night watching Aladdin (where H spent the entire film asking questions).

There’s another one of those coming up when BritMums is on, how can he possibly top that? I’ve already got a busy Sunday planned for next weekend, but in the meantime there’s an important matter of getting H’s room reorganised and repainted and revamped as part of the MoneySupermarket challenge – we’re running late so are out of the running for the main prize, but just having a chance to do a challenge like this is something which has kicked us up the backside – if only my back wasn’t hurting so much. Boo.