To be fair to my school, we had to choose a science, so I went for the one which involved the least dissections. It was also the one with the most work, textbook wise, though I think by my last year of school I was just writing conversations about boys in there (as we merged with the boys school up the road so went a bit crazy) instead of doing any work. I do remember the route of air from the nasal passage to the lungs though, which has obviously put me in good stead in life.

So now my knowledge is passed on to H. She now knows where poo comes out from (it doesn’t have a pet name), she knows boys have ‘woolies’ and we tried to think of a name to represent what girls have. She settled on Daisy. I know this is going to bring fits of giggles every time a Daisy comes into our lives. Sorry all future Daisy’s.

The thing is, when your child asks, what do you call your ladybits? H thought a ‘flower’ was too funny, and I couldn’t think of anything which wasn’t the truth (incredibly), and I wasn’t quite ready to tell her the truth.

Please don’t let us meet any Daisy’s for the next five years….