but then something good happened today. Actually, many good things happened, probably more. In no particular order :


The latest craze to hit YouTube is popular songs with some help from a goat. We all sniggered at the Celine Dion ones, and did proper laughs out loud at this one

There are many of them. You might not find it funny the first time but after a while it does get quite addictive and extremely silly. The best thing? You probably will laugh. There are lots of Adele ones so I spent ages today checking them.

Photo Books

I ordered two in the last week and my Bonusprint one arrived today. I love it. That always makes me happy.

The Breeders

Have officially properly announced the Last Splash reissue which is rather marvellous. I was also extremely happy and touched as I get a thankyou in the credits (from work) which was so completely and utterly fantastic. Sigh. Look how pretty it is! I’ve been proofreading the credits and sleevenotes and there’s a LOT. It hasn’t been a headache for me and I’ve really enjoyed checking it – I need to do more!



Now I’m reading that the release date is my birthday (which sounds more like a US release date as it’s a Tuesday)! So the reissue happens then, and they play London on our 10th Wedding Anniversary. This year really is a Breeders kind of year – how excellent?

Liquorice Tea

I am going to go on and on and on about liquorice tea on Mum Friendly, today I picked up three boxes of the stuff (although one is for next door as she too has an addiction). Liquorice tea is good for coughs apparently. I have a cough. Thus : I must drink liquorice tea.


I have wine. It is Friday. Need any more be said?