but I don’t feel like there’s anything good enough. So instead let’s talk about the terrible toddler time.

We’re hitting that lovely time now where she’s decided her punishments for herself; “I want to do time out” was said earlier today. She did get her time out though her version involved keeping talking to us both (we told her no, it was time to think about the fact she wasn’t helping) and actually after just over a minute she did come over and do as she was asked, and said sorry for not helping which was a bit good.

We’re also getting plenty of her throwing herself on the floor “NO Mummy!” type things, when I suggested she put some Quinoa on her fork using her knife to push it on “NOT USING MY FORK!” she told us (and started using it several minutes later). Earlier I got out her teapot, milk jug and sugar pot from the tea set we’ve not opened yet, which made her so happy – I showed her how to make tea, and again, threw herself down “DON’T WANT TEAPOT!” she screamed, but again picked up approximately two minutes later. You’ve got to love these toddler angry moments…

We were meant to go back up north this weekend but ended up putting it off as my bad back got worse – but things are healing now after two easier days (sorry husband), and not too much picking up of H (sorry H), so I’m feeling like we can do normal things again tomorrow which is good. We’re all going a bit mad here.

This has meant I’ve not been able to review the Bundle Bean which is a bit annoying as it would have been perfect on the car seat. All being well we’ll be going to a party in Margate next Saturday, so if so, it may well get it’s first proper use then.