For two mornings now H hasn’t demanded a feed first thing in the morning, and has just wanted to cuddle in bed with me and Shaun, or be cuddled in her room.

She usually comes into bed with us and cuddles up, then asks for a ‘mummy cuddle’ (i.e, I feed her)

I’m not sad about this, I think we were both ready to stop, and in a month she’ll be two and a half, so I’m proud we kept going this long. It had its difficult times, but it’s also had some easy ones as well.

Actually, I knew our times were coming to an end when she announced to me “there’s nothing there mummy!” in a kind of “you’ve been tricking me all this time, you rascal mummy” sort of tone.

I’d like to also say that my NCT and NHS antenatal classes in 2009 helped me immensely with breastfeeding, as they did to a point, but I did get a bit freaked out and have an awful attack of the giggles when the doll was brought out, having watched my first episode of Psychoville the night before…