9.32 and H is still awake. She napped for an hour at nursery today. She’s slowly drifting off for what will be her busiest day in a long time tomorrow… when she doesn’t nap we get an 8pm settle, when she does it’s any time from 9 onwards… and I think it’s finally time for it to go.


We’ve always taken a really toddler/baby-led way of doing things. Like, if she’s obviously tired we’ve let her nap. If she’s asked not to nap then we’ve had quiet time and cuddles. She asks quite often too. Nursery always tires her out but recently it hasn’t as much – or at least, she’s getting too good a nap, maybe?

Going to sleep at this time isn’t a good thing, and I know a lot is probably toddler stuff, wanting to make sure she doesn’t miss anything and knows what we’re doing (alert : we do nothing, H. You are not missing a single thing). It eats into our evenings and means I’ve less time to be on the internet posting all the jumble in my head for random people to read.

So yes, naptime, I’ll miss you. I liked that hour or so I could go on the internet and mess around and all that, but if I have to let that go for more cuddles then I’ll happily take that trade. Ta.