I think H knows what it means.
I think she sometimes uses it to her advantage.
I think she’s too young to be doing this.
I do love it when she does though.

You can’t beat it when she flings her arms around you and announces she loves you.
She’ll occasionally do it when she’s done something a bit cheeky,
like she’s weighing up whether she’ll get told off, so adds a quick “Mummy, I LOVE you!”
Which of course, works. I’m a bit less cross.

Every night, every day, I tell her I love her.
I don’t want her to forget.
I don’t think she will though.

My favourite thing right now is at the end of nap time,
When it’s time to get up,
I’ll get her out of bed and put her on my knee, wrap a blanket around us so we’re snug together,
And we’ll cuddle. She wakes up and the first thing we say to each other is

“I Love You”.

It’s the best thing, ever.