Wednesday has always been my favourite day of the week. It was my day off work back when H was a baby – the day I’d meet up with my friends and get some normal conversation. As time moved on, Wednesdays were the one day I’d meet everyone, a day full of activities from soft play to swimming, meeting other mums, most of them future school mum friends. Those times were good.

Up until recently Wednesday was our swimming day – but as we’ve switched swim schools that’s no more – so we have time.

School pickup happens, we come home and we have the time to sit and do things together – and it’s lovely. Today we made a monster. H said she wanted to call it ‘Herrumph’ and asked how to spell it. I told her to do it herself, as then it’s properly hers – and so Hiuimghi was created (if you take the i off the end, she’s not that far off really) – I did the tricky bits of cutting out (when our craft scissors wouldn’t cut through) while H did a lot of glue-ing so she could get it all over her fingers to peel it off. One of her most favourite things.

But what I enjoyed the most was chatting with her. No longer is she the toddler moving into little girl, not quite sure of things – these days she’ll chat with me about most things which bother or interest her. Or she’ll create a story or joke off the top of her head. Hanging around with my little girl is loads of fun. I miss our day off in the week, but I love our after school time.

The best thing about Wednesday is being half way through the week and knowing there’s only two more days to the weekend.