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We went to a fantastic party today at Godstone Farm just south of the M25. Now that the toddlers are getting older I felt like it really suited their age – whereas before they were a bit more contained, they’re older and a little bit wiser. Just a teeny tiny bit. There were less accidents and it seemed like they just wanted to explore – and could do safely.

Their soft play area is fantastic – loads of climbing things, though madam went straight to the younger area, picked up the hoover and happily hoovered the floor (obviously she’s completely mad), while her friends climbed on things and slid down long slides. We eventually coaxed her out (with chocolate) and onto the bigger climby things.

We all had a quick walk around some of the animals, where you could stroke rabbits and even a cockerel (I think?) as well as milk a wooden cow (only photos can truly explain this and yes, the photo is a wooden goat, the cow ones are just around the udder).

A lunch and cake part in a nice barn, then we had the rest of the farm to do as we pleased – everyone opted for the larger soft play, in the blazing sun – a huge great big sandpit and loads of climbing and playing things, swings and slides – oh it was great. The Sudocrem Mousse was used plenty of times – on H and me – thank goodness I’d remembered it.

Plus! I got to chat to other mums which was really nice as we only ever see each other for a few seconds at pickup time, so we got to compare notes about things, and just talk about what we do in life, and become more than just (insert child’s name here) parent.

Shaun came along too, after two weekends of study he needed some quality time with H, plus there were the other dads there – I think he enjoyed himself too.

H fell asleep within five minutes of us leaving – so we drove to Banstead and stopped at Pizza Express for a late lunch/dinner – so yes, a good day was had by all.

It’s just a pity H is still too young for Eurovision – mind, not for too much longer…. roll on 8pm! (and come on Engelbert and Jedward)