Going to pilates lessons and having a good natter with Hannah from Caterpillar Tales afterwards as she’s good and sensible and doesn’t tell me off when I accidentally interrupt her. Which I often do. Sorry Hannah.

I like it that my life is so busy I don’t get bored any more. Although I could also use a bit of time to be bored, or a day in bed doing nothing. That’s not going to happen any time soon though.

That Shaun goes running doing his Couch to 5K with Heather who also wants to run, so now he has a running pal, as does she – even if she’s a bit crazy and goes for a run straight after a pilates session…

That Breaking Glass is available on DVD again. I love that film – it was the first video we got from the video rentals shop back in 1981 when we first got a video recorder. I had the soundtrack from when it was released, it’s the sound of my childhood – and damn, what a good noise.

That this book, The Mouse Mansion exists. It isn’t available in the UK until next summer, H’s nanna has bought it for her as it has been released in Australia and New Zealand, and it’s being delivered to my work tomorrow – but it looks amazing. Actually, all you need to do is look at this picture and you KNOW it’s going to be amazing.

that H said to me and Shaun, “mummy, daddy, I’m disappointed in you” – we both couldn’t stop laughing. She doesn’t know what it means though. She was very serious when she said it. She’ll probably say it more now she’s seen the reaction.

that I have a pair of She & Him mittens. I’ve loved M. Ward for so long now, and love She & Him but need more of their music. Or just a subscription to Spotify instead… maybe I’ll treat us this Christmas… it pleased me immensely when I realised they do a few songs on the Winnie the Pooh DVD we picked up at Sainsbury’s the other day as I had no idea. I like it when ‘my’ music crosses over into H’s territory, start the brainwashing very subtley, I say.

Knitting! For once I’m doing it right. I’m changing colour and it works. I’m not used to getting things right like that, there’s usually some disaster looming somewhere, usually of my own making. I’ve even dropped stitches and picked them up. Crazy.

I like that at work in the last week Kim Deal and Thurston Moore have popped into the building (not at the same time) – saw Thurston twice and admired like the sad fangirl I am, whereas I just wibbled when I realised Kim was nearby. God, she’s cool.

What do you like? I don’t do tags, so if you’re reading this and fancy doing a list, then you’re ‘it’. Go. Do it.