But then a Yellow Moon catalogue landed in H’s book bag tonight. Sigh. I’ve stopped doing Phoenix Cards due to a lack of time and now this has arrived to make me spend money. Yes, it will. I will be forced to part with my hard-earned cash in the name of stationery.

Christmas Porcelain Painting!!

Festive Bead Craft!!!

TOY STORE!!!! (I see a Star Wars Shaker Maker and a Shrinky Dink maker too except they don’t call them that these days)

Glitter Foam Letters!!!


Anyway, I’d like to ask for anyone who might know, when Playdoh gets all mixed up (like with the Ice Cream parlour that currently exists) does it still all go brown? Is the mixing of it all a ploy to make you buy even more play doh, or is it magic these days and does it separate easily? I need to know these things, and yes, I know I could make my own but given what little time I have anyway I’m going shop-bought at the moment. H wants one for Christmas (attagirl, nothing too pricey, my kind of present there) and I want to check.

But yes, Yellow Moon.

But I must find the energy to write. But first if someone could please remove the following from my brain it would be much appreciated.

1. Baby Looney Tunes theme
2. All those bloody LazyTown songs
3. The Jolly Phonics alphabet songs.

Not even chocolate can save me now.