Yesterday was H’s class assembly at school.

A week or so ago she was sent home with a slip of paper and a line to remember. This brought back memories of me in top infants fluffing the line “there’s no room at the inn tonight” in the Nativity play when I lined up for an audition, as I seem to have the ability to remember all my failings from a young age. I’ve no idea why.

So for the next week I coached her, asking at various intervals to say her line, and she did, perfectly every time. We were set….

Yesterday the moment came. Her whole class were so excited – sat in front of the school, and ready. Us parents from her class lined up at the back waiting, excited not knowing quite what to expect.

You know what? They were charming – completely and utterly brilliant and they all did us parents proud. H did her line nice and clear like she’d practised and were it not for five minutes of crying baby in front of us I’d have heard the other children too.

Also, the Spring Chicken song. Her class sung it at the end with actions, the whole school started to join in, a moment of joy for them all as they love the song. I’ve never heard that damn song before and now it refuses to leave my head.

It was all awesome, H went out of her comfort zone and I’m proud of her for doing that. I’m hoping this will continue – she put herself forward to speak and did me proud.