I do. Hate it. It was a good idea this time last year when I got it, what with getting unlimited texts and internet on it for just £5 a month – but as time has progressed I’ve grown to really really dislike it.

It currently takes approximately five minutes to open a text message to reply.

Photos freeze when they’ve been taken.

Just those two things make it kind of obvious what is wrong – I’m running out of space – and apparently my phone is notorious for it.

Oh, and my network isn’t great, I often get a dropped internet connection, or if I’m really lucky nothing at all. At 4pm at work today I clicked on Gmail to load and clear out my inbox – by 7pm this evening it was still searching for mail. I had two emails.

I have a year left on this phone, it’s a Sony Ericsson Experia X8 which works on an Android system I can’t upgrade from (2.1) so I’m limited in the apps I can use – mind, I am anyway. It wasn’t even my first choice phone – they’d run out of that one when I did the deal.

I know I got an amazing deal at that price, and I guess you get what you pay for. I just wish I’d known how awful my phone is as far as upgrades go. Also, on trying to find out when I get an upgrade, I’ve been locked out of my account as I can’t remember the password. AAaaaarghhhhh. So yes, I hate my phone. I’m not quite ready to throw it at the wall, but I’m close.