oh HELLO terrible two’s, back again with a vengeance.

Tonight I took H’s wipe from her hands before she was ready to hand it over. Cue tears.

Daddy took her yoghurt out of the fridge. Then he didn’t. More tears.

Mummy dipped a grape in the yoghurt on the lid and ate it. It was HER grape that she wanted (cue frustrated angry cries – the grape was in the bowl btw, and she said she didn’t want one)

Right now she’s in the bath with Shaun and telling him “I don’t want it. I don’t want anything”.

Tonight Shaun is going to the pub for a beer or two. I really hope H settles and sleeps.. nursery claim she had 50 minutes sleep today, I’m not so sure and think she probably didn’t sleep.

When does this phase pass?

Oh, and a special mention for our 5.30 alarm call when madam got up, came into bed with us*, laid on my pillow and fell asleep for the next hour until our alarm went off. Well, I’m glad someone got some sleep!

* yes it’s our own fault, we let her in.