Let’s see how we go. My job involves working with YouTube. I think it’s fairly safe to say that and not be revealing any great national secrecy act there. My job involves making sure our artists videos are all claimed on there so we’re all earning money – as quite a lot aren’t.

If you’re in the parenting world, or indeed haven’t missed much internet in the last few days, you’ll have seen the two year old girl singing a song which is quite popular at the moment. It’s one of our songs, and has been claimed (ie, we’ve stuck ads on it when you view it. Sorry), which is where I’ve come across a huge eye-opener. I spent a large chunk of this morning finding people had downloaded the original uploaders video, re-uploading it to their own channel to get the hits. They’ve not linked back to the original.

Well, hey. Everyone does that, right? Look at all the music videos fans will upload, it’s the done thing, right?

Seeing it through the eyes of a parent, it didn’t sit right with me at all. It’s a two year old girl singing, and people are uploading it, claiming it as their own. Other people are getting thousands of views as it’s so popular right now.

The original uploader probably isn’t even aware of this, and that feels wrong. It’s not my monkey to do anything about it, and I wont be. But it’s made me think about video content that I’d put up on YT for the public to see, should I ever be in a position for any of my videos to go viral (which will never happen).

Interestingly, since the video went viral, there’s a huge amount of videos of two year olds singing other songs by the same artist. Other (pushy?) parents jumping on the bandwagon? Or was it already there anyway? It makes a change from teens who do it (and then apologise in the comments, saying they were poorly – seriously, I’d get 20+ of those a day with the same excuse on the description), and I’ll never forget the singing penis with the face drawn on it who sung one of her songs. Leave My Head Bad Vision.

So anyway, what are your thoughts?