on Tuesday, just as we were heading out for her doctors appointment, she took her first unaided step. She was sat on the bottom stair, I’d put her there while I got her coat and my shoes on, as you do. Most of the time she’d then try and go up the stairs (we’ve only got a stairgate at the top) or she’d crawl off the step and try to climb up me. This time she very carefully balanced on both feet, her hands steadying her. Then she STOOD UP. Then she took A STEP. Then she walked towards me, and stayed upright. Then she looked very very pleased with herself indeed.

Of course, she hasn’t done it since, possibly not helped with me being so excited I keep sitting her on that step. (which of course if I end up using the ‘Naughty step’ technique when that time comes, will confuse matters even more, no doubt)

She has stood alone a couple of times, then realised what I’ve done – but so far, so good, and big progress.

I’m backdating this to Tuesday, it’s been so busy I’ve just got bogged down, and forgot to update.