On Monday evening I left H alone for a minute while I went upstairs to switch the hot water on. I saw her tipping her water cup over herself and the settee cushion and told her to stop – which of course means she doesn’t, and then says “Mummy – wet!” when I get back downstairs. Sighhh. So I took off her jeans and intended her to walk around in her nappy for the rest of the day, but it was saggy, and actually wet from this water anyway, so I took it off as well.

Went upstairs to get a new one, with the instruction that if she needed a wee, she would have to get the potty and do it on that.

I come back downstairs, and in the middle of the room is the potty, some wee in it, and a sort of terrified looking H – we reckon she probably sat down and did a wee without thinking, and freaked herself out. Anyway, she got three stickers for that one!!

Later on and she’s heading upstairs for ‘bathtime with daddy’ and she walked up every single step – no knee climbing – just proper walking. Oh lordy, she’s growing up faster now than I ever imagined she would… so many things take us by surprise.