I don’t remember when I got my first money-box, though for some reason my memory is telling me it was plastic and purple – I have no idea what shape. I do remember a Nationwide Anglia one I got in 1985, mind.

Nationwide Money Box(an image of which I have stolen from ebay)

So while I know too well how sticker-inspired H is, I (not we, sorry Shaun) decided it was time she earnt a little bit of money for helping out around the house. Only 5p a time, but things like tidying up, putting books away, putting things in the right place and so on – which in some ways kind of horrifies me as she’s only three, but in other ways, if I can teach her to earn money from doing good jobs that help me or Shaun, that’s a good thing too. We don’t have anything specific to buy (other than she wants every single book they read at nursery), so my thinking is it’ll go in her savings account every few months. BUT I need her to feel like she’s involved.

Tiger Stores Decorate Your MoneyboxWe’re lucky as we have a Tiger store near work – where they have £2 decorate your own Money Boxes – so I bought one – and even better, she’s decorated the teddy, so it feels like its hers.(those felt tips are good)

So today we did just that – this is the result:Tiger Stores Decorate Your Moneybox

(I’m kind of liking the not-inspired by Bowie red stripe over the eyes going on – I did notice she would start off being really careful, then finish by just scribbling all over it!)

After making a mess I asked H to tidy up – usually it’s met with resistance and excuses – but not this time. Oh no indeedy. I told her she could earn 5p to put into her money-box for doing a good deed, and I’ve never ever seen her tidy up so quickly! We just have to make sure that we charge for the right things, and sticker for the other… should be an interesting few months.

We’ve also told her that if she doesn’t do something she won’t get 5p, which in turn seems to make her jump to attention – so while we’re not doing it too much, we’re doing it so she’ll understand she can earn a bit of pocket money.

I’m really looking forward to taking the money-box to the bank and putting them into her savings account… that will be fun, and she’ll get an idea of what she’s achieved too.


I’m entering MoneySupermarket’s SuperKid Savers with this entry, however, I would have posted this anyway!