H is quite stubborn at times, has very definite ideas of what she does or doesn’t want, and generally gets across why this is. It’s quite good fun too, bearing in mind she’s only six, so still has a way to go before she’ll be getting her own way in life.

Her most recent dislike has been bananas. Utterly ridiculous, she would swear blind she hated them and refuse to eat them. I’d insist she did (usually in that lead up to swimming) as they’ll keep her full for longer, she’d reluctantly get one, eat it and stop complaining (as she probably secretly enjoyed it).

Prior to that, and up until tonight one of her bigger ones is cous cous. Plain old harmless cous cous. “It isn’t the same as it used to be” she’d tell me, but when asked how exactly it used to be, she had no response.

Until tonight. I¬†mixed it up with a tiny bit of pesto – not that you’d notice. I then announced to H how something magical had happened to the cous cous – that I had mixed it with pesto and it was sticking together JUST LIKE PASTA! She fell for it, obviously. “Ooh, mmm! This DOES taste different” she informed me, before scoffing the lot.

So yeah, she might be stubborn but she’s still gullible enough to believe what I tell her. At some point this will stop. I will be very sad.