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Yesterday The Wizard of Oz was on. Conscious of the Wicked Witch of the West and the flying monkeys, I pre-warned H. The moment came in the film and she said to me “but mummy, they’re not real. They’re just people pretending. They’re not scary!!” like she’d known it all her life. Cue a huge sigh of relief.

So I thought we should continue along these lines and it just happened Chitty Chitty Bang Bang was on tv today. I don’t own that one on DVD (just the soundtrack), so again, I pre-warned H about the Child Catcher. She was a little more bothered about that one – the Child Catcher is pretty scary though. Fortunately I persuaded her to watch to the end so she could see the children get their own back, but still.

I do wonder how old I was when I watched those films for the first time. They were probably normal daytime fodder at Christmas when I was young in the seventies, while these days they’re more terrifying than an episode of Scooby Doo. Which probably isn’t that hard an achievement really, come to think of it.

We had no nightmares which is a result, just a 2am wakeup because “I’m lonely”. We let her in with us for a bit as she’s usually freezing cold (the joys of no heating in our bedrooms) until she’s warmed up, then tuck her in well. She’ll still kick off all her bedding though, so by 6am she’s back in our bed. Roll on spring time anyway… these 2am wakeups are getting a little annoying. At least it’s not the films bothering her!