Wikipedia is messing with my head. ‘Ding Dong Dell’ is all about a cat drowning – never in my time have I had to add an extra word in that sentence, which according to Wikipedia is “To try to drown poor pussy cat,” and I know we never sung that. It’d be too many words for the sentence. It’s like that sentence in ‘All I Want For Christmas Is A Dukla Prague Away Kit’ by Half Man Half Biscuit which is deliberate.

So there I am, having my weekly bath with H, and I start singing the song. It’s only when I got to that line it hit me how messed up it really is. “Oh, we wont sing that one any more” I managed to add, but it does make me wonder what on earth other parents have said through the years.

Which song is going to get me next? I guess it can’t be too bad, as I haven’t turned out *that* bad, and only managed to terrify a few children with stories of Wee Willie Winkie. (for the record, H loves Wee Willie Winkie and runs to bed every time I tell her he’s calling me on his mobile to check she’s in bed, she’s only scared of clowns, Justin’s House and Nina from the Neurons with a face pack on)