One part of Christmas I really like is when all our drab dreary houses start to burst into a load of colour. The first time I ever saw houses with outdoor lights was back when we went to Dana Point in California at Christmas 1998. Everyone had such pride in their house, it may have looked all bright and tacky, but it was a well done bright and tacky. I grew to love the icicle lights on the edge of the rooves, and as for dancing Santa”s – hilarious! I’d only ever seen things like that on the front of shops.

These days house decorations are everywhere. We have a road near Morden Park where it’s almost compulsory to have your house decorated, and mid-way there’s someone doing the charity collection too. It’s great – especially when you’re three.

Actually, one small point. H sulked on Saturday before we went. She claimed Shaun and I hadn’t given her a turn to spot any housebling, and she announced she didn’t want to go. Luckily we turned the sulk around, picked up Jos from the station and then let her spot whatever she happened to fancy. Actually, hearing her exclaim amazement at things was like listening to a three year old going on thirty three. “ooh! What a beautiful snowflake! AH! A Blue fish!” and so on…

The houses around here are a bit lacking in bling – they used to be really good on the streets of Carshalton as you head towards St Helier Hospital, but no more. But it’s okay, as we have our Lower Morden Lane lights. They’ve even got their own Facebook page (though there’s not much going on there) but fortunately there’s others.