I don’t like being negative on here, but this was worth a post of its own. I went to the Brighton Baby Show a couple of months ago, and while I didn’t have a lot of cash on me, I saw a lot of good ideas and things I wanted to buy once I could. One of these was the SippiGrip, which I duly placed an order for, and waited… and waited… my money was taken, and actually, a month and a half later, nothing.

The PayPal claim is now in, but I wish I’d got it – Miss H loves to throw her cup off the tray on her highchair, or in her buggy – this would have helped us a lot. The amount of times the cup lands spout-first…

Maybe one day you’ll be able to buy them in stores, and to be fair, a couple of weeks ago I did get an email telling me one would be sent out the following week, and that I’d get an email confirming it. Alas, neither of those things happened, so I gave up.

Shame, as it looks like it could be useful too.